I am a mum, a wife, a stylist, a writer and an absolute nutcase at times, who tries not to take themselves or life too seriously.

Since having a baby my life has gone from being like the Fatboy Slim song, “Eat, sleep, rave repeat” to “Eat, sleep, nappy change, repeat”. My party days feel like a distant memory and instead my current Saturday nights consist of being in bed by 9pm!

In the beginning my blog was a platform for me to voice my experiences as a new mother and a place for me to write about how much my life had changed – for the good and the bad! But as time went on and I began to write more I realised that being a mother wasn’t all I was and that just because I had a child it didn’t mean I needed to lose everything I was interested in.

So I decided to combine my two loves; being a mum and interior styling. I write for those people like myself who have a child and want to create stylish spaces that the whole family can enjoy.

I am massive believer in how a physical space can have a huge impact on our mental and physical state and aim to help people create spaces where they’re at their most happiest.

I love providing inspiration using tips that are easy and practical to implement and supporting home grown businesses and unique products by featuring them in my blog.

I have a passion for travel, new adventures and finding inspiration in the everyday. Surprisingly I’m not obsessed with my home and tend to get cabin fever easily so anywhere there’s a beach or nature you will find me.

I am stoked to be able to write about what I love and I invite you along for the journey accordingtocanny.

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