New Year’s Resolution

Have you ever been thinking about something and then seen a sign that made you think “maybe the universe heard me?”

I was recently out and about thinking about what my new years resolution would be, (albeit it’s a week overdue it still counts!)  It got me thinking about what I wanted for the year ahead and the one thing (amongst many others) was being present –  living in the moment and enjoying the small things.

Just as I thought this a cool light installation popped out at me that said “be here now” I took this to be a sign that my resolution for 2017 was made up. I realised these words really resonated with me.

Too many times I’ve gotten to the end of a year and wished it away always thinking that the next year would be better. I’ve often focused on the negatives that have happened and not always celebrated the positives unless they’re what I deem for myself as big accomplishments.

Looking back on 2016 there were some epic things that happened, my husband (the ever tenacious Scotsman) and I renovated a house, had a baby and moved house all at the same time. These things in my mind and probably any sane person are huge and unless you’re completely loco crazy I don’t recommend doing them all at once!

Although when I thought back to the year just passed there were many other things that we did that I never really paid any attention to or celebrated because I thought they were small. I realise now these were equally as big. I swept things like ‘becoming a parent’ under the rug because I thought it was just something we were doing but in hindsight it was and is a massive accomplishment and the fact that Gus is still thriving makes me think that the Scotsman and I should high five each other.

I realised that all experiences, decisions and moments I have no matter how small they seem are what I need to remember and cherish because they all form a whole life.

So my goal for 2017 (aside from working on getting rid of the dreaded front bum I have courtesy of Gus) is to celebrate the small things, stay connected and heed the advice of the sign and ‘be here now’.


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