Ambition v Motherhood

Lately I have been thinking a lot about the phrase “do what you love” and it got me thinking about the bigger picture of what do I want for my life? When I first started this blog it was a chance for me to conquer my fears and do something for myself aside from being a mum.  I’ve always had the ambition to write but never quite had the courage to express myself in such a public forum.  I’ve realised that I love the freedom writing gives me, it’s not only an outlet but people seem to enjoy it which makes me so happy. But then there’s the voice in my head that says “but you love being a mum as well?”

It’s true I love both, they both bring me such happiness although one is a lot less messier! Whilst I write this my son is furiously eating peanut butter toast, intent on getting it everywhere but his mouth! I know I should be paying attention to him but I can’t help myself wanting to do something for me. It got me thinking about the larger life question that I’m sure many women face, ambition versus motherhood – can we have both?

I want to believe yes. I see plenty of women who have successful careers in doing what they love and raising a family. I don’t doubt that women can do it all because after all we are warriors, but what has to give? Many people say that if you’re focused too much on your career or ambitions then you mustn’t be focused on your kids. I can understand the sentiment but I think it’s all dependent on how much focus you put into each. It also depends on time and how much you have of it. I have read books that say you create time for the things you love and it’s true you do but somehow kids, especially babies seem to eat time and you find the only moment you have to yourself is when the little buggers are sleeping which may also be never!

So is it possible to do both, in short yes. It might take me longer to achieve my goals because most of my focus is on motherhood right now but I’m okay with that. Do I think I will be able to make a career for myself doing something I love – hell yeah!

I was comparing ambition and motherhood in my head and realised that the two aren’t dissimilar. Raising a child is hard, achieving your goals is challenging but neither is impossible.

Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life.


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